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Truck Stop Lachlan Philpott

Truck Stop
Lachlan Philpott

Sam and Kelly live out west. They spend their lives waiting for texts, for boyfriends and those bitches in Year Ten to leave school so they can have somewhere decent to hang. But the longest wait is till the end of school, and waiting can be deadly. Bored one recess and with double maths looming, the girls escape through the hole in the fence. Hang out at the truck stop on the highway at the picnic table with the flies. Read graffiti. Talk about sex, prostitutes, Lady Gaga. When a truck pulls up. Their hearts race. The truckie’s kind of young. And hot. Based on real events, Truck Stop shines the headlights on sex, gender, raunch culture and growing up. It is an important, funny and confronting work for people of all ages.