September 2014 Children's & Young Adult Lead Titles

The Rescue Ark Susan Hall, illustrated by Naomi Zouwer

The Rescue Ark
Susan Hall, illustrated by Naomi Zouwer

Paperback | Sep 2014 | National Library of Australia | 9780642278104 | 36pp | 234x224mm | GEN

Age range: 3+

The Rescue Ark is travelling around Australia helping endangered animals! Watch the wombats, parrots, potoroos, quolls and many more make their way onto the Ark.

This picture book, illustrated with wonderful collages, keys into the increasing awareness about our endangered animals by young children and their parents. Firstly, have fun tracing the Ark's journey on the colourful map of Australia and reading about the animals that will be collected on its way around the coast. Then, help the animals onto the Ark by singing or reading the rhymes. At the end of the book, find out if the Aussie children make the world safe for their animals again. In the back pages, learn more about these endangered animals in an easy-to-read fast facts text with photographs of the real animals.