May 2017 Academic & Specialist Hackett Publishing

The Accessible Federalist: A Modern English Translation of 16 Key Federalist Papers adapted by S. Adam Seagrave

Paperback | May 2017 | Hackett Publishing | 9781624665509 | 144pp | 216x127mm | TXT | AUD$17.95, NZD$22.99
Hardback | May 2017 | Hackett Publishing | 144pp | 216x127mm | TXT | AUD$55.00, NZD$64.99

This modern English version of sixteen of Publius' most important essays is designed to set forth their argument in the clearest terms: the promise of the U.S. Constitution. 

 Faithfully re-phrased for modern readers by an established and respected scholar of American political thought—and supplemented by quotations from the original texts—the selected essays included here offer today's readers a judicious and effective first approach to The Federalist's most important ideas.