March 2014 Fiction & Entertainment Titan Publishing Group

Chronos Commandos - Dawn Patrol Stuart Jennett

Hardback | Mar 2014 | Titan Comics | 9781782760061 | 120pp | 261x172mm | GEN | AUD$29.99, NZD$34.99

When the Allies and Nazis develop time-diving technology that could see the course of the Second World War derailed by creatures from the Cretaceous, only the Sarge and his band of misfit soldiers can save the future - by saving history! Dinosaurs! Giant crocodiles! Time travel! Nazis! Albert Einstein with a machinegun! All that barely scratches the surface of this astounding, fully-painted pulp spectacular! Buckle up, ladies, it's going to be a bumpy, cigar-chewin' thrill-ride!