TowerToo - October 2013 Oldcastle Books

Writing and Selling Thriller Screenplays Lucy V. Hay

Paperback | Oct 2013 | Kamera Books | 9781842439715 | 192pp | 198x129mm | GEN | AUD$32.99, NZD$39.99

The lowdown not only on getting your thriller feature script on the page, but getting it in front of producers and investors.

From premise to resolution, the book guides you through the craft of thriller writing, citing classic thrillers such as Psycho, The Shining, The Sixth Sense and Fatal Attraction and lesser-known gems like Red Eye, Desperate Measures, Impostor and Deviation. Considers how the screenplay might be sold to investors, looking at high concept ideas, pitching, packaging and the realities of film finance.

Lucy Hay asks what is flight vs. fight? What is the difference between horror and thriller? What are the different sub genres of thriller? Why is the lone protagonist so in demand? Why are female characters so popular in thriller? And much, much more.