October 2017 Children's & Young Adult Auzou

My Beautiful Floral Fabric Bracelet Auzou Publishing

Multiple-item retail product, boxed | Oct 2017 | Auzou Publishing | 9782733853092 | 24pp | 140x110mm | GEN | AUD$12.99, NZD$16.99


Ages 6 to 12 years

Manufactured in ENGLAND, FLORAL FABRIC's delicate motifs—often dotted with SMALL FLOWERS—are coveted by women and girls. Invented by ARTHUR LASENBY in 1884, the fabric's sizing is removed before the cloth is printed. This allows the colourful inks to bleed through, making it appear as if the designs are printed on both sides of the cloth.

Floral fabric is highly prized for handbags, key rings, and other accessories. If you follow the SIMPLE STEPS in this booklet, you can create your own BEAUTIFUL FLORAL FABRIC BRACELET!