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White Michelia Pan Xiangli

White Michelia
Pan Xiangli

Paperback | May 2014 | Better Link Press | 9781602202429 | 280pp | 172x105mm | GEN | AUD$19.99

White Michelia, a collection of five stories by celebrated novelist Pan Xiangli, gives a rich look into the lives of cosmopolitan women living in modern China. Pan's heroines exhibit strength of character, sense of humor, and integrity while retaining their grace, beauty, and feminine style. In love, they need no fairy tales. These women let go of traditional ideals while holding true to their individual desires and expectations. They dare to pursue love on their own terms, all the while maneuvering the changing landscape of work, lifestyle, and the city.  Pan Xiangli writes with a keen eye towards the lifestyle, mindset, and cultural values of the modern Chinese woman. Her characters assert their womanly beauty as defined by confidence, willingness to face challenges, and the self-assuredness to pursue happiness—all while being stylish and charming. Her colorful portraits will no doubt leave a lasting impression on the reader.