December 2020 Academic & Specialist Sourcebooks

Brain-Based Learning with Gifted Students (Grades 3-6): Lessons from Neuroscience on Cultivating Curiosity, Metacognition, Empathy, and Brain Plasticity Kathryn Fishman-Weaver

Brain-Based Learning With Gifted Students combines relevant research in neuroscience with engaging activities for gifted elementary students in grades 3-6. 

This book: 

  • Teaches how development and learning processes happen in the brain
  • Helps students and teachers explore specific brain-based concepts together
  • Includes a concise research overview on why each concept works and matters
  • Offers extension ideas to deepen the activities and strategies for applying each concept to other content areas
  • Aligns to gifted programming standards

Through the lessons in this book, students will learn how to cultivate curiosity, neuroplasticity, metacognition, empathy, and well-being. Grounded in research on the latest findings in neuroscience, this book empowers gifted education teachers with relevant information on brain-based learning.