August 2017 Academic & Specialist Beacon Press

Animals' Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age Marc Bekoff, Jessica Pierce

As the field of animal cognition allows us to learn ever more about what animals think, feel, and want, that knowledge is not necessarily translating into better treatment of them. The Animals' Agenda addresses our relationships to animals in industrial agriculture systems, research labs, and entertainment venues, as well as pets and wildlife, exploring what we know of these animals' capacity for pain and frustration as well as joy, empathy, and intelligence. Bekoff and Pierce argue that the current approach of animal welfare science, offsetting the worst aspects of animal suffering, falls far short of true animal well-being, allowing animals to live in peace and safety. The Animals' Agenda will educate and inspire people to rethink how they affect other animals and how humans can evolve toward more peaceful and less violent ways of interacting with our animal kin.