April and May 2013 Academic & Specialist Hackett Publishing

Freedom, Responsibility, and Determinism: A Philosophical Dialogue John Lemos

Hardback (B306) | Mar 2013 | Hackett Publishing | 120pp | 216x140mm | TXT | AUD$72.00, NZD$89.99
Paperback | Mar 2013 | Hackett Publishing | 9781603849302 | 120pp | 216x140mm | TXT | AUD$14.95, NZD$18.99
John Lemos' Freedom, Responsibility, and Determinism offers an up-to-date introduction to free will (and associated) debates in an engaging, dialogic format that recommends it for use by beginning students in philosophy as well as by undergraduates in intermediate courses in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and action theory.