April 2019 Academic & Specialist NBN

Home of Ones Own / Emigrierte Architekten und ihre Hauser: Emigre Architects and Their Houses. 19201960 edited by Burcu Dogramaci, Andreas Schatzke

The book is a collection of contributions by internationally renowed authors and examines not only the buildings themselves but also other aspects of the topic that have hitherto received little attention. It turns to architecture students, professionals working in architecture as architects, architectural historians and critics.

Many architects who built a house of one's own tried to bring the special message of their design to the public's attention by putting all their ideas into action. They created in this way their own 'manifesto'. Was this possible under the conditions of migration and exile? To what extent, for example, do other buildings of the architects differ from such 'houses of one's own' in a foreign country, to use an expression borrowed and modified from Virginia Wolf? This are two of numerous of questions around the subject 'immigration and exile of architects' for which the authors of the book try to find answers.