April 2014 Non-fiction Aurum Press

Off the Map: A Journey through 50 remarkable places you'll never visit Alastair Bonnett

Off the Map is an A-Z of enclaves, micronations, secret cities, towns on the move and remote utopias. It may resemble, at first glance, a geographical freak show. Yet the urge to seek out the furthest corners of the map, the empty spaces and hidden areas, is widely shared. Which of us doesn’t, sometimes, want flee the routine? To leave the comfort zone and head out there, to go off-limits? The tucked-away spots found in  Off the Map show us the modern world from new and surprising vantage points. What emerges is not merely a rag-bag of geo-oddities but a new picture of the world centred, not on homogenisation and globalisation, but on the startling profusion of place.