Women in Colonial Latin America, 1526 to 1806: Texts and Contexts
edited and translated by Nora E. Jaffary, Jane E. Mangan

Paperback | Feb 2019 | Hackett Publishing | 9781624667503 | 320pp | 228x152mm | TXT | AUD$29.95, NZD$34.99

"This outstanding collection makes available for the first time a remarkable range of primary sources that will enrich courses on women as well as Latin American history more broadly. Within these pages are captivating stories of enslaved African and indigenous women who protest abuse; of women who defend themselves from charges of witchcraft, cross-dressing, and infanticide; of women who travel throughout the empire or are left behind by the men in their lives; and of women's strategies for making a living in a world of cross-cultural exchanges. Jaffary and Mangan's excellent Introduction and annotations provide context and guide readers to think critically about crucial issues related to the intersections of gender with conquest, religion, work, family, and the law."

—Sarah Chambers, University of Minnesota