Will the Wonderkid: Treasure Hunter of the Australian Outback
Stephanie Owen Reeder

Hardback | Feb 2020 | National Library of Australia | 9780642279521 | 136pp | 210x190mm | GEN | AUD$24.99, NZD$29.99


Age range 6+

It’s December 1914, and young Will Hutchison heads off into the South Australian desert in search of gold with his father, two other explorers and six camels. Their expedition doesn’t go according to plan, and finding water becomes their prime concern. In a desperate bid to survive, the men ride off on their camels to look for water, leaving Will alone at their campsite. But teenager Will is not content with babysitting pack camels, and so he leaves the safety of the campsite to search for water. Resourceful and resilient, Will not only survives against the odds but also makes a truly remarkable discovery in this true story from Australia’s past.