Uncommon Dubai +: People, Place, Narrative
Edited by Sharmeen Inayat

Hardback | Nov 2018 | Uncommon Books | 9789995787226 | 312pp | 210x148mm | RFB | AUD$69.99

Uncommon Dubai + is a sliver of quotidian and artistic reflections on spaces of change and exchange, imbued with meaning and memory for individuals, communities and diasporas that enrich the city and its neighboring emirates.

Weave through insights on the tradition of camel racing, archeological finds of crocodiles in the desert, the uncanny urban corridors of superhighways, architectural artifacts in danger of erasure, the imagined communities of barbershops, the communal traces of ad-hoc cricket pitches, and the resilience of the urban fox. 

Against the backdrop of the morphing coastline and the alluring locus of the creek, explore memoirs, investigations and poetic landscapes of the mind that are meant to engage with the contrasts of the cit y and offer collective aspirations for its past, present and possible futures.