Too much stuff: Capitalism in crisis
Kozo Yamamura

Paperback | Mar 2018 | Policy Press | 9781447335696 | 224pp | 216x138mm | FIR | AUD$23.99, NZD$27.99
Hardback | Mar 2017 | Policy Press | 9781447335658 | 224pp | 216x138mm | FIR | AUD$47.99, NZD$59.99

Where has capitalism gone wrong? Why do conventional policy solutions produce only wider income disparity and inequality? In Too much stuff, Yamamura suggests the only way for capitalism and democracy to thrive is to increase investment to meet societal needs and argues that this will help reduce the growing wealth gap which threatens global democracy. With convincing evidence from across the Western world, this bold book challenges the economic orthodoxy and offers practical steps forward that we can all support.