Think. Do. Say.: How to Seize Attention and Build Trust in a Busy, Busy World
Ron Tite

Hardback | Nov 2019 | page two | 9781989025710 | 200pp | 178x140mm | GEN | AUD$39.99, NZD$49.99

Today, your consumers, clients, prospects, and colleagues are inundated with promotional messaging, non-stop content, broken promises, endless product extensions, and the pressure to follow articles that state, “Here’s What Successful People Do Before 7am.” They’re standing in the middle of Times Square surrounded by blinking, scrolling advertising above and aggressive street entrepreneurs selling everything from T-shirts to theatre tickets and recreational drugs down below.

They don’t know where to look and they don’t know who to trust. People used to vote with their wallet but now they vote with their time. Winning that time has never been more difficult and staying top of mind is even tougher. The answer to cutting through and building trust doesn’t isn’t found in a sea of management jargon. It’s based on three words: Think. Do. Say.

Great people and great organisations succeed in this busy, busy world based on:

1.What they think: The purpose behind the person or company.

2.What they do: How they behave to reinforce the purpose.

3.What they say: How they talk about what they believe and how they act.

Think. Do. Say. is not just the first business book in history to not mention Apple (finally). It’s your guide to making good things happen for you and your organization, filled with down-to-earth insight and indispensable humour. Ron Tite didn’t just think about writing the most refreshing business book. He did it. You’ll be the one to talk about it.

'Fresh, funny and practical...Shows how the habits of successful artists can help anyone become smarter, faster and better.' — Charles Duhigg, New York Times bestselling author of Smarter Faster Better and The Power of Habit