The China-India Nuclear Crossroads: China, India, and the New Paradigm
edited by Lora Saalman

Paperback | Nov 2012 | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | 9780870032691 | 240pp | 229x152mm | RFB | AUD$28.99, NZD$34.99
Hardback | Nov 2012 | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | 240pp | 229x152mm | RFB | AUD$89.99, NZD$110.00

Global power is shifting to Asia. Asian “theaters” attract the bulk of global arms spending. China, India, and Pakistan are building up their nuclear arsenals—as the United States, France, and the United Kingdom are building down. India and Pakistan are the only countries in the world producing new fissile material for weapons, and China is by far the world’s largest market for new nuclear energy production (while India aspires to be on a similar trajectory). Despite these trends, The Nuclear Crossroads is the first serious book by leading Chinese and Indian experts to examine the political, perceptual, military, and technical factors that affect the two countries’ nuclear relations.