Social Support and Motherhood: The Natural History of a Research Project, Reissue Edition
Ann Oakley

Paperback | Sep 2019 | Policy Press | 9781447349488 | 540pp | 234x156mm | RFB | AUD$64.99, NZD$79.99

Drawing on her long experience as an academic researcher and writer, Ann Oakley develops a sociology of the research process itself, telling the story of how a research project is undertaken and what happens during it, to both researchers and those who are researched. This remarkable book focuses on a topic of great importance in the provision of health services — caring and social support.

Setting neglect of this topic in the wider context of an ongoing crisis in gendering knowledge, Social support and motherhood is now reissued for a contemporary audience.

It has much resonance for social science researchers and others interested in the experiences of mothers, and in the relations between social research, academic knowledge and public policy.