Secretive Slime Moulds: Myxomycetes of Australia
Steven Stephenson, Tony Orchard

Hardback | Mar 2021 | CSIRO Publishing | 9781486314133 | 352pp | 245x170mm | RFB | AUD$180.00, NZD$216.00

Since their discovery, the taxonomy and systematics of Australia's myxomycetes, an important yet cryptic group of microorganisms, not been published in Australia in a comprehensive manner, until now. Myxomycetes are now considered to be profoundly different from the 'true' fungi and recent publications place them within their own group.

Slime Moulds: Myxomycetes of Australia is a synthesis of knowledge that provides a broad scale overview of virtually all of the approximately 340 currently described species of Australia's myxomycetes, including their life cycle, morphological features, distribution, ecology and history of research. Individual chapters provide dichotomous keys, descriptions, illustrations and photos for numerous taxa.