HEAT Series 3 Number 8
Edited by Alexandra Christie

Paperback | Apr 2023 | Giramondo Publishing | 96pp | 210x148mm | GEN

Some things have nothing in common until you put them together, says artist and collector Patrick Pound about his series of found photographs in our latest issue. The writers in HEAT Series 3 Number 8 seem similarly drawn to overlooked meaning. In ‘Shopping’, a short story by Katerina Gibson, a young arts worker in Melbourne overcomes an obsession with designer clothing. The late Hong Kong writer Xi Xi, in a work of autobiographical fiction, processes a cancer diagnosis. Essayist Cameron Hurst finds herself attending a meeting of the Victorian Spiritualists’ Union after reading Henry Handel Richardson. And poets Judith Beveridge and Paul Muldoon transform unassuming animals, people and places into singular moments.

Recent praise for HEAT:

‘So slender and elegant, nothing wasted, nothing grandiose — and beautiful work.’ — Helen Garner

‘Elegantly designed and thoughtfully curated, and including work from canonical Australian writers to emerging voices to authors in translation, [HEAT] reminds us how crucial such organs are to the vigour and health of our literary ecosystem.’ — The Saturday Paper

‘A very beautiful and stylish object…long may this new series of HEAT continue!’ — Sarah Holland-Batt

‘I welcome the return of HEAT. Readers and writers alike will revel in its daring audacity, bold exploration and innovative celebration of literature.’ — Alexis Wright