Baby University

General Relativity for Babies
Chris Ferrie

Board book | May 2017 | Jabberwocky | 9781492656265 | 24pp | 203x203mm | GEN | AUD$14.99, NZD$18.99

Ages 0 to 3 years 

General Relativity for Babies by Chris Ferrie is a simple introduction to Einstein's crowning achievement. Baby will learn how mass warps space-time and how spinning black holes can send ripples of gravitational waves through space. 

With Newton's laws, we can do simple things like predict where a thrown ball will land all the way to complicated things like landing a man on the moon. And now baby will know them too! 

This is the first in a series of books designed to stimulate your baby and introduce them to the world of science. 

Also coming in May are: 

  • Newtonian Physics for Babies 
  • Rocket Science for Babies 
  • Quantum Physics for Babies