Anthem Africana Studies

Challenging Misrepresentations of Black Womanhood: Media, Literature and Theory
edited by Marquita M. Gammage, Antwanisha Alameen-Shavers

Hardback | Oct 2019 | Anthem Press | 9781783089376 | 208pp | 229x153mm | RFB | AUD$185.00, NZD$225.00

Challenging Misrepresentations of Black Womanhood investigates the stereotyping of Black womanhood and the larger sociological impact on Black women. The text details the historical and contemporary use of stereotypes against Black women and how Black women work to challenge and dispel false perceptions.
The book highlights the role of racist ideas in the reproduction and promotion of stereotypes of Black femaleness in media, literature, artificial intelligence and the perceptions of the general public. Contributors in this collection identify the racist and sexist ideologies behind the misperceptions of Black womanhood and illuminate twenty-first-century stereotypical treatment of Black women such as Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, and explore topics such as comedic expressions of Black motherhood, representations of Black women in television dramas and literature, and identity reclamation and self-determination.