Tuttle Classics

And Then
Soseki Natsume, translated by Norma Moore Field, Norma Moore Field

Paperback | May 2021 | Tuttle Publishing | 9784805311417 | 256pp | 203x130mm | GEN | AUD$24.99

And Then is ranked as one of his most insightful and stirring novels. Daisuke, the protagonist, is a man in his twenties who is struggling with his personal purpose and identity as well as the changing social landscape of Meiji-era Japan. As Japan enters the Twentieth Century, ancient customs give way to western ideals, and Daisuke works to resolve his feelings of disconnection and abandonment during this time of change. Thanks to his father's wealth, Daisuke has the luxury of having time to develop his philosophies and ruminate on their meaning while remaining intellectually aloof from traditional Japanese culture and the demands of growing industrialisation. Then Daisuke's life takes an unexpected turn when he is reunited with his college friend and his sickly wife. At first, Daisuke's stoicism allows him to act according to his intellect, but his intellectual fortress begins to show its vulnerabilities as his emotions start to hold greater sway over his inner life. Daisuke must now weigh his choices in a culture that has always operated on the razor's edge of societal obligation and personal freedom. Soseki Natsume is considered to be one of Japan's most beloved and respected authors. 

'A Japanese writer of genius' — Japan Quarterly 

'Field's elegant translation includes an informative afterword that puts this novel in context with Soseki's large body of work.' — Publishers Weekly