Alexander Hamilton: The Illustrated Biography
Richard Sylla

Leather (B403) | Special edition | Sep 2019 | Sterling | 9781454926337 | 256pp | 254x215mm | GEN | AUD$74.99
Hardback (B501) | Nov 2016 | Sterling | 9781454922759 | 288pp | 254x215mm | GEN | AUD$52.99

Find out who lived and who died in the incredible story of the founding father who made America modern—and became the toast of Broadway.
This richly illustrated biography portrays Hamilton’s fascinating life alongside his key contributions to American history, including his role as an early abolitionist. He played a crucial part in the political, legal, and economic development of the new nation, but noted Hamilton scholar Richard Sylla reveals the flesh-and-blood man with captivating details of his private life as well as his infamous duel with Vice President Burr. Sylla expertly tells Hamilton’s incredible story like no other.